Friday, 18 April 2014

Rose petals.

 It must be cliché to say, to live in the moment, we ought to believe that the sun comes after the storm; do we really?

Every little giggle, every little raindrop, you were like the grey sky that I live beneath. It is sunny, yet, stormy because the roses are the greatest nothingness. While I wish the petals would be the confetti, showering me con su alma de amorío.

So now, the oh so many times I reach out, I wish beneath this unrealistic world of our own, thee will be there, para mí.

 Chilly morning, a breeze of springiness and perhaps  a walk of shame there, too. Remind me how many roses, lay between our distance that not many dreams out of imagination could relate? Seven days, thirty-five days, this cappuccino will be drained; the webs of the dreamcatcher will be torn apart; and the tornado will come and sweep away, the ups, the downs, the nothingness.

Never do I wish time to pass, or wish it was never passing drop by drop, dilemma of an empty coffee cup - an insecure youngster.

Dive into this magical imaginative world, what comes after, is the dream that you never knew you had. Just keep breathing, this warmth and comfort that you created, for the best of our lives. Heaven doesn't seem so far away, if you go, till the end of this chapter after another…
When the lights go around, we'll be safe and sound to hold onto, a dream.
In this jungle I have lost, you, slowly begging the green light of greatness,
to bring back; all that I had.

Smile because of appreciation
Giggle because life happens
Dream because of surprises
Believe because you got to 
Love because of the presence