Monday, 7 October 2013

Breaking up, raising down.
I no longer feel the heart
of yours, or inside mine
Perhaps it's the time, goodbye.

Dignity, sanity,
wishing we have never kissed
or wishing we have never missed
those hands, with care, with pain
and what about now...

Diminished darkness and furnished home
can't be pleased with the odour you left,
everywhere and everywhere of me
I remember, I still remember every bit

I dreamt and dreamt of you, under the same sky
physically so close yet so far away, I am sorry
I can never forget, what has happened here and there
and never should you think of me again...

Sunday, 6 October 2013

One is cold and one is warm.
One never lasts long
Never enough to get you through the dawn
Never can you feel it forever
Forever is not something to long 
long for the laughter;
long for the screams;
long for the dancing;
long for the jumps?

How long was it all?

Time has never passed so slow