Friday, 29 August 2014

All of the stars

It's been such a long while since I have written anything, and positive, I have not been able to find motivation nor something excite me enough to be written about. I must be lying, if the one thousands and one reasons that made me so overwhelmed did not out me into the mood of writing something, so if I were to stop murmuring about this whole excuse, I would, be writing about my summer 2k14.

This is a typical thing, my summer has been so great. No it wasn't especially great I have to be honest to, myself. Do not perceive this as a negative and depressing post that you are reading, because, it isn't I must confess. Moving from a city that never goes up to 30 degrees Celsius to a city that never goes below that was an absolute nightmare, I cannot blame myself for not being able to have much fun. Do list my schedule that only consist of one and only associated with one thing, called dancing, would be ridiculous enough to make me wonder what else in this world have I done? No, I have only been dancing, everyday, literally.

Several competitions that I have came across, none of which was the results I wanted, pathetically. However I must say, I have witnessed improvements in my performances and that, made me happier than the results adjudicated. A new thing which happened in competitions made me so overwhelmed that I cry, mentally... One of the adjudicators who came to me and praise me with absolutely lovely comments? The door guy who approached to me as I was about to depart the venue and said I was outstanding? My dance teacher and friends who had faith in me winning from the very first second I walked on the dance floor? Wow I am spoiled with love, to have thought that people had me the sense of recognition, impressed indeed. Could I ever not overlook these every little thing, certainly not, it warms my tiny heart. Yes, I do like to think I have tiny heart. (Not the cliche big heart theory you are thinking about)


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