Wednesday, 5 March 2014

♡ 18 and Legal ♡

After the pre-birthday post, surely there would be a birthday post, or it would be odd… So I turned 18 on 28 February, and surprisingly I had a oh-so-brilliant one!

As I mentioned on my last post, I didn't expect anything to happen and I was tired anyway, so I slept at about 11pm. Then at 7 in the morning, all my friends came to my room and sang me a birthday song, yep thats how I woke up, isn't it lovely. It sort of is a typical celebration at our school that we wake that person up with birthday songs or at 00:00, we all celebrate for one another thats probably because we are all far away from home and we all need some love lol

So then I went to breakfast with my roommate and friends (which I don't usually do), and had a normal school friday, except there are some greetings and stuff :) I went back to my room after lunch because my mum was looking for me, we had a chat over FaceTime and it was a bit emotional… I expected the call to be my mum greeting me Happy Birthday and some wishes thats all, but it turned out that she was at a business dinner with everybody from her company, and many other business partners, etc. The fact that they were all a bit drunk made it a whole lot funnier, seeing my mum and her staff trying to squeeze into one screen and sing birthday songs to me, yes songs, I meant like more or less 10 of them. I couldn't hold my tears while they were singing, so I attempted to distract myself by putting on the tiara and the birthday banner given by my friends, and showing it to my mum, which then made her cry… It was a nice FaceTime in a very long time since we usually end up quite badly every time we call, and that made me feel so loved.

As usual I was chilling in my room, surfing Internet and tok a nap because I knew that we were going out at night, which would require loads of energy. I started getting ready at around 5, took a shower, putting my dress on and some makeup of course. We all gathered at 7pm and head to the restaurant on high street, on my way there I literally walked like a penguin because my heels were so high that I felt embarrassed lol I had them since summer ball last year, and I have no idea how I could manage to dance in them for the whole night and even, ran in them (guess I just had some wine)… The restaurant was very high-end, the elegant atmosphere and it was just comfortable to be at. I got 2 bottles of champagne for everyone of us, and had a duck dish for dinner, it was amazingly delicious indeed. The highlight was when my roommate surprised me with a birthday cake, and I teared up when they sang the birthday song, I do think I have a problem there I just can't take birthday songs, they make me cry even if its not my birthday... After a some champagne and wine, walking in my heels was not much of a problem anymore, as we walked to Lava. We spent the rest of the night at Lava, it was full of people form my school and so we danced, had a couple more drinks, super.

I think it was a simple birthday yet I had much fun with all my friends, and love from my family, which is what its all about in life, friends and family. Right?


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