Friday, 14 February 2014

¡San Valentin!

It's the night before the storm, it's the another day of
Finest lovers, films, and a sea of dead romance.
I would have thought to be awful, pitiful, and
Perhaps rather dancing through the other end.
But it was not, it was a beautiful virtual romance.
You would share the sweetest confection,
the past to be remembered because that grabbed nobody's attention…

Your red little presence hides a pumping affection.
And I would so remember the interactions,
Poor little heart, a little angel jumping too fast.
If I could once again touch the smoke of the very last
Time we spent, bye we said,
How would I ever understand the mess?
As if we would ever share the sheets…

In this mystery I would seek,
Because your paws feels so close yet so far
If I were to climb down the bar.
Romeo and Juliet,
They would escape like you said,
And I said to the wonderland.
The blacks and the whites,
Oh how I wish to be that audience,
Be your one standing ovation.

Freezy. Rainy. Shiny sides.
Fear to be so close to you, and
This is no another misunderstanding.
Spanish romance and the flamingo beginning,
Tap my toes, claps with the flow.
It's another night of cuteness,
That I am looking forward to more madness.

You are special like today,
healing my worn out scarf that he touched yesterday.

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