Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bits and pieces

A biker leather jacket is a must-have! You can never get bored of it and it goes well from edgy to classy looks, one can never have enough of it. One of mine is from Zara, it looks the same as this one but with a little more details on the arm parts and without the fur on the shoulder part.

I am loving the california style quite a lot lately, a crop top and high waisted shorts topped with a kimono is perfect for a day out, simple yet fashionable. The kimono kind of makes the whole look complete? Lets be realistic, it looks like you have put some effort than just a crop top and a pair of shorts :P

I absolutely fell in one with these heels, they are just perfect for summer. It's not really easy to wear heels in summer especially when you're doing something like punting or going to the park, you would obviously want to wear ballerinas or sandals. But this, I can't resist… (Only the fact that my dancer feet ruined the whole idea and image of it)

Another california style, I can't contain myself really! I love the floppy hat (desperate for one lately) and the shorts or jumpsuit is to die for, its so simple yet edgy enough. Relatively I am not as into the heels, I think they are difficult to wear? In a sense that they don't look good on everybody, so :)

The is more of a winter look, quite suitable for the windy weather in the UK atm, except for the rainy bit which is probably not the best thing to wear fur. I really like wearing fur but again, it could be really over-the-top depending on the design I reckon. I like how this jacket has full-on fur but still gives a bit of rock-chic and stylish look, and the skinny jeans balance out the body line. I have a jacket that looks exactly the same but in different colour, will definitely try something new with it!

Killer heels, I have been searching for them for quite a while and after trying them on I feel like they don't suit me very well? But I will definitely give it a go very soon, as classic as it is, still out of my comfort zone for some reasons…

As you may reckon, all of these bits and pieces are in black or mostly black. I think black is really more than just a colour, its like a personality thing, thats why 3/4 of my wardrobe is black. lols. 


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