Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dance life

I have been dancing for years, and particularly dancesport I am talking about. And I have been to many studios and had classes with quite a number of teachers, all I have realised until now is that, I have never been treasured as a student, and was I ever valuable to any of the dance company besides winning titles under their names?

There was a studio that I used to go, and I have stayed for 3 years more or less, it used to be one of the top studios in Hong Kong. Joining the studio from a complete beginner until my teacher shaped me through the advanced category, I appreciate the things he did for me and had me improve in a fast pace indeed. From a complete beginner to one of the strongest dancer within the studio, I have not been treated the way I should've been compared to now, then I realised that I was just a winning asset to the studio.

Frankly, I could say I have been to all of the top schools in Hong Kong regardless of time frame, and most of which are business-oriented or theres a strong bond between everybody but still competitive behind backs. The later one is worse, new-bee wise, they have been bonding for years and you have to go through all the jealousy and challenges (as in isolation or simply bullying) until you can bond with them, its a golden rule. You might wonder, if the teacher knows any of these, I could certainly tell you yes and they know every bits of those but they never stop nor try to stop, its traumatising. The dance world is like another world I live in, it is not how non-dancers think how peaceful it is or chill, you have to deal with too many things other than dancing.

After all the dramas, I have decided to take a break off this unrealistic world, also because I decided to study overseas. And the first summer I got back, I went to another studio and because I wanted to solely maintain my progress but not be entirely committed competitively, I chose this middle-rank studio. At the beginning, all the tension in the air was horrific, because you never want to be the outstanding one in the dance floor at a group class. Not saying I was the best in class, but people there were completely different than what I used to, they were more laid back and more like dancing as a hobby. As a not very outspoken person, I didn't merge in at the very beginning which I understood it myself, but the teachers were so lovely that I had a feeling that that was the one. During my first competition with this school, I was told to be in the same category with the top girl within the school, I was nervous as I could ever be and at the end I got first and she came in second. Should've been happy for my result, but no, because then I had to worry about all the knifes that are pointing towards me, the last thing you wanted to witness was that girl crying. I wasn't supposed to feel bad but I did, I felt wrong for winning and thats not right. In a 17-year-old stubborn mind, the first thing I could think of was quitting. If it wasn't my teacher trying to convince me to stay, or my ambition in dancing I would've never stayed, which if I did that would be a terrible decision. Days after competition, things started to change, and I started to get along with everybody at the studio. I have even became best friends with that girl! I had the best time bonding with those girls and my teacher, it felt like more than a dance school to me.

However, the coach that is currently coaching me in the UK is more than amazing, totes blows the others far away. Not exaggerating but I love dancing here more than anywhere else, it is so different than dancing in Hong Kong. The fact that I get much more knowledge of dancing, and I am appreciated for my effort and talent they said, makes me feel so blessed and grateful. Dancers here may not be as excellent as the ones in my old studios, but a different style of teaching definitely caught me. At first I didn't agree nor liked how they emphasis on the importance of the theory behind each steps, I thought it was the most boring thing, probably because all of the teachers I had only aimed to teach me the choreography so that I could compete instead of teaching me how to dance. Dancing here has definitely widened my vision in dancing, it is much more than being competitive, I love dancing so much and t doesn't get any less.



  1. That sounds like a dream come true for you! I used to dance when I was in primary school used to perform in threatres and just stopped and focused on Photography :) You dont have a follow button? Would love to be able to view more of your blog posts :)


    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) It's very nice of you and all the best for your journey as a photographer! I am not quite sure about the follow bottom, but will try to sort that out x

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  3. Hey Karen! Thank you for sharing your experiences with dancing here! It's such an incredible story and it is awesome that you've kept your passion for so long. It makes you truly special :) Have a wonderful day,
    -Riley XO

    1. Thanks Riley! :) It is so sweet of you I hope you will have a success on what you are passionate about too, cheers!
      Karen x