Monday, 10 February 2014

Life happens, while you're making other plans.
Life happens, while you're trying to understand.
You're kicking it in the shade
and you're thinking you got it made,
Life is gonna happen to you anyway.

I particular love this song, the rhythm and the lyrics are just too beautiful. There are many posts on social networks saying things like you should treasure your life and make it count, because time, love and life are not persuadable. I know this might sound cliche or cheesy, but it really is true that we should keep doing what we love and what we should do, no matter what. Stop making excuses to skip school, stop procrastinating on work, and stop doing what you enjoy doing. 

Being in a place with lots of distractions, bad influences and basically a place that doesn't really feel comfortable is difficult. You have teachers who would pick on you and staff that be mean to you, friends that skip school all the time (which in a way motivated me fortunately), food that make you feel sick and so on. But life still happens, there are way many other people on planet earth who live a much more difficult life, dealing with more sickness and hunger.

Sometimes I wish somebody actually understand what I really want, and what I really am thinking. It's really not about the Chanel bag or Louboutin, I do know what I am doing and where I am heading. Just because I dance all the time does not mean that I have no plans on getting into University, and I don't have to be the top student in my year to get the most knowledge. I do understand the overprotective policy, I would too be if I were a parent myself, but the fact is you cannot control a person's life. 

Ultimately, what comes around goes around. There really is no point getting frustrated or anything because life is gonna happen anyway~~ Writing a post while you're sick doesn't seem like a very good idea does it haha


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