Friday, 7 February 2014

My first time

First best friend
I have such a bad memory so I don't remember a lot of things, but I used to go through all the childhood pictures at home, so I guess my first best friend was KaKa. We went to the same kindergarten and primary school together, and I still remember that we went to every school trip together. The funniest one was when we went to a farm (more like an entertaining farm really because nobody actually make a living out of it but from tourists), we got to do all the fun things like feeding the cows haha x 

First kiss
If a first kiss means just a peck on the lips, then I think I was in primary school and he was my dance partner too. We used to hang out together all the time (sometimes my brother would third-wheel us too for some reasons…), and he kissed me in the pool once when we went swimming. But the real first kiss that meant something to me was to a guy that I fell so much for, we were at a cafe and he was so cute. yeah :)

First concert
It was back in Hong Kong, where concerts are boring and you literally get no excitement. It was a singer that I wasn't familiar with (don't remember her name…) and I am still not sure why I went there lol I am not a big fan of cantonese music either, so this does not seem very interesting.

First celebrity crush
Okay, don't judge me. I was in secondary school, shameless teenager, yolo-ing life everyday. Brace yourselves. Yes it was Justin Bieber. I still remember how I had his posters in my room and I used to recite all the lyrics and sing them all the time, the raps too. Oh my days hahaha

First word
I have absolutely no clue to be frank, I guess it was mama?

First pet
Oh this is fun. So I have never thought of having pets when I was younger, I was afraid of dogs and dislike every other kinds of pet. One day my mum called and said there was a chihuahua that walked into her company and when my mum tried to lead her back out to try to find her owners, she refused to and kept walking back to my mum's office. Then my mum said she would keep her in her company for a while and see if somebody would come and look for her, but nobody every came and asked, she had no microchip in her body so we decided to bring her home. That night my mum brought her home, we had pasta for dinner, and guess what? we named her pasta (in fact pasta in cantonese). 

First job
I have never had a proper job, first because it is not legal to work in my country under 18 and I didn't have a feeling of getting a job. But last summer, my mum got me an internship at a company partnering a German company. The first day was so awful, and I hated it from the beginning when I had to take an hour ride there and got lost. And that whole day I have not done anything productive as I was not given any tasks, until my first task was to type a whole pile of data into excel docs. The second day I was not feeling it at all, I felt ill and went home… (not very responsible there oops) Then I quitted the next day.

First phone
I loved my first phone! I got my first phone in primary school, and it was a special edition of a mobile phone company, which they only have a fixed number of them. It was a white flip phone with a bit of silver colour, and I had them glued with rhinestones all over it, pink and silver, the cutest phone ever!

First tweet
I have had 4 twitters? I don't know, I have this thing of opening way too many accounts for social networks (FYI I have 3 facebooks and 5 blog sites), but I don't use the old ones after I setup a new one. Anyway, I think my first tweet was "Hi Twitter!!!!! so this is my first tweet!!". Pretty lame I know.

First makeup
I don't actually remember but I think my mum bought like a whole bunch of just normal drugstore makeup when I was in primary school, because I started to join latin dance competitions and of course you need loads of makeup. So I don't have a particular first makeup product, or not that I remember of.

Thats it! Again, you're tagged if you're reading this :) 


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