Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dream came true

23rd February 2014

I had one of the most amazing days in my life, because I have reached my dream finally, which is to dance at Blackpool.

I remember how I was so excited yet nervous about the day arriving, and I literally couldn't sleep for the whole night and stayed up until 4am when I had to wake up. So I started getting ready at 4am because my friends are picking me up at 6:30am, with 2.5 hours I still managed to be late *yay me*. So I ran the whole lane from my school to where my friends pick me up, with my half done makeup and my gigantic luggage. Then I fell asleep on the car on the way to Southend. When we first arrived the sports centre, I thought it was quite a decent looking building, but when we got inside it was really not lol. I started seeing people looking professional and when we had the opportunity to warmup, I spotted quite a lot of good dancers, thats when I started to panic.

My first event was ballroom, Waltz, frankly it was my first ever competition for ballroom and I had no idea what to expect. While I was dancing the Waltz, I felt like a puppet being moved around, its so much different than Latin where you could express yourself more, I actually had the time to think whether to smile or not, and I chose not to… for some reason. Of course, when they announced the semifinal round, I didn't get in and I couldn't control my tears streaming down my face. I was trying to sit aside and hide my tears, but it was almost impossible because it was an open space, everybody knew I was crying, looked ridiculous, whats more.

I then calmed myself down, after 10 hours of waiting it was finally the second half of the competition, Latin category. It was tiring to just watch the ballroom events, I fell asleep on a chair which is very rare for me. My energy just boosted up after changing into my Latin dress, we all started to warmup and I couldn't feel better and more excited! Because it was a medalist competition, they offer various levels for both ballroom and latin dances: social dancing, pre-bronze, bronze, silver, gold and gold star. Ironically, I was put by my teacher at pre-bronze ballroom and gold star latin, which is very weird because I honestly have not done ballroom and I don't find myself obsessed with it. Anyway, back to the competition bit, the first round I did was not good at all, I was nervous, I missed steps and it was just upsetting. My anxiety was so bad that I kept talking to myself and praying to god just to feel better, and when I heard my number (328) for the final round, I literally jumped and said YES!

Before knowing I got into final, I told myself that if only I would have one more chance, I would give my 100% and yolo *HA* And so I did, I went out and stretched every pose to maximum, I loved and enjoyed the whole experience so much! In the final, I think I did better than the first round, we didn't miss any steps and it felt good. After that my coach pointed me to the judge panel and said something which I didn't hear, I even thought he told me to bow to the judges, but actually he told me to get the qualifier ticket at Blackpool from the judge panel!!! Funny enough, I actually thought it wasn't final, but it flipping was and my dream to dance at Blackpool has come true!! I was jumping for joy and couldn't be happier, didn't care if anybody thought I was overreacting but I literally jumped too much and broke my necklace…

Anyway, it was a great day indeed! The trophy was the best birthday present for my 18th and the fact that my dream finally came true is like a cherry on top. I couldn't thank my coach enough for being so supportive and he is one of the best coaches I have had, I don't think any of these would happen without him really. I can't wait for what's coming ahead and my journey of dancing will only get more exciting!


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