Thursday, 20 February 2014

28 Facts about me.


  1. I love dancing more than anything, literally.
  2. I haven't sent my UCAS and I had a nightmare last night dreaming that all the Universities have stopped receiving applications, which makes me super nervous.
  3. Hospital and ambulances are my worst fear.
  4. People get the impression of me being really quiet and cold but I really am not.
  5. I can't eat spicy food, not even a little bit…
  6. I LOVE pizzas and junk food, super unhealthy.
  7. I never really workout (as in going to jog or the gym).
  8. I have the biggest dark circles, they look like bruises, literally…
  9. I am super lazy.
  10. And because of that, I never use conditioners or any hair products, but my hair managed to be quite healthy and decent.
  11. Too many insecurities.
  12. I love art, every kind.
  13. I love England, its my favourite place so far.
  14. I didn't watch any cartoons growing up, not any of those disney films too.
  15. I have 4 puppies.
  16. I don't really have a favourite subject, but my least favourite is definitely languages.
  17. My favourite food is chicken!
  18. Favourite TV show is definitely keeping up with the Kardashians
  19. I dislike somebody really easily, but it takes me a lot to hate a person.
  20. I do not have a nice relationship with my parents.
  21. I can never buy the shoes I want in Hong Kong because they usually don't have my size :(
  22. I love watching youtube, its in my daily routine.
  23. Can never choose between mascara and concealer to be my favourite makeup product hmm
  24. Fashion-addict
  25. I used to play the piano, recorder, guitar and saxophone.
  26. I used to sing opera as well *haha*
  27. I get attached too easily that I am scared for myself sometimes.
  28. My favourite number is 28, or 2 & 8 alone :)
They are more like random facts that I just came up with, don't judge haha x 

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