Friday, 14 March 2014

Everything happens for a reason.

Friday nights, Saturday nights,
O how I used to look forward to those fights
'cause you'd build the cutest conversations,
and leading into more of a love affection.
I liked to be wrapped in your arms,
I felt warm and tight before the alarm
would wake me up to a better day.

What drives me through the day,
knowing that I'd see you when I least expect it,
and it would make me smile from the inner bit.
Catching butterflies or seeing you smile,
was worth it even if it takes a while…

Yet now that we could be the strangest strangers,
like two devices that just got restored,
I'd wish that they could just back up.
Or is it better off to leave as some empty accounts,
and that everything happened wouldn't count.
It feels awful, sick, and tiring --
in this battle that seems never-ending…

Come here and let me lose my mind,
pour out every thoughts after these wines,
but would you still be there?
Lift me up in the air,
like that roller coaster ride of sight
or is it too late to pick up another fight?


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